ARESTIN® Antibiotic Therapy in Farmington, AR

Severe stages of gum disease require more than a deep cleaning alone. When a patient has gum disease that is beyond gingivitis, our experienced team makes a custom plan to further effectively treat the infected gums. After a deep cleaning with scaling and root planing, ARESTIN® antibiotic therapy may be the next step in your treatment plan. To learn more or to schedule an appointment with our team, please get in touch with our front office.

How does Arestin help with your gum health?

Arestin is a concentrated, locally applied antibiotic placed directly into infected gum pockets after a scaling and root planing procedure. With Arestin, the deep cleaning continues to fight bacteria in the gums even when you leave our office. Since the antibiotic is a fine powder, Arestin can reach the base of the pocket and help your gum health by reaching areas that a deep cleaning may not.

Is Arestin safe?

Our Farmington Dental & Orthodontics team always has your best interest in mind, especially when it comes to your safety. Before including Arestin antibiotic therapy in your treatment plan, our team will review your dental history and discuss with you what you can expect. Patients who opt for the antibiotic deep cleaning may experience minimal side effects like swelling of the gums, tooth sensitivity, or soreness. If you have a known allergy to minocycline or tetracycline, our experienced team will work with you to find another option for treating gum disease.

What should I expect after a periodontal cleaning with Arestin?

Fortunately, placing Arestin in the gums is quick. After the periodontal cleaning with arestin, we’ll discuss what you can expect in the coming days. Generally, instructions to follow after Arestin treatment include avoiding hard, crunchy, or sticky foods for a week and avoiding flossing the treated area for ten days after treatment. When following these general guidelines with your specific instructions, the antibiotic deep cleaning works effectively!

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