What to Do if Your Teeth Shift After Braces

You decided to straighten and perfect your smile with braces or another orthodontic treatment, you followed all of Dr. Stroope’s advice and instructions about oral hygiene, and your braces came off or your Invisalign treatment was completed as recommended. But maybe you slacked off a bit with wearing your retainers afterwards and uh oh! You […]

How to Strengthen Enamel Naturally

Bones and teeth may seem similar since they’re both made of calcium and phosphorous, but while bones have collagen, teeth are mostly made of a calcified tissue called dentin. Dentin actually helps to make teeth the hardest part of the human body, and this dentin is then covered in enamel, the surface that we brush. […]

Common Complications with Braces

Brace are extremely common and generally considered to be low risk. However, there are some complications that can arise, especially when you don’t keep up your dental hygiene habits while wearing braces. Here are five of the most common complications, plus some tips on how to avoid them! 1. Enamel Demineralization Enamel demineralization occurs when […]

Why Do We Have Baby Teeth

Have you ever wondered why we have baby teeth? Some people might be tempted to think baby teeth don’t matter since we lose them eventually, but our starter set of teeth, known as milk teeth or “deciduous” teeth, are actually very important. Purpose of Baby Teeth Since humans are mammals, we are born with twenty […]

Home Dental Fads That Are Actually Harmful

Plenty of us are always on the hunt for DIY hacks or cheaper alternatives. There’s nothing wrong with being budget-savvy, but when it comes to your dental health, it’s important to be wary of the home remedies you find online. Some of these dental fads can actually end up causing long-term damage to your teeth […]

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

On average, dental crowns should last for about ten years. Well-maintained crowns can last as many as twenty or even thirty years! There’s a wide range because dental crowns, just like your other teeth, will last depending on your oral hygiene. Why Would a Dental Crown Need to be Replaced? Bite According to a study […]

5 Reasons You Should Straighten Your Teeth

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, more than four million Americans are undergoing orthodontic treatment at any given moment, which includes both braces and Invisalign. Here are some reasons you too should join that number and straighten your teeth with Dr. Stroope at Farmington Dental Center. 1. Straight Teeth Help You Have a More […]

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