5 Signs You Need a New Toothbrush

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Do you give your toothbrush much thought? You probably think that it’s doing a good job cleaning your teeth each day, but this may not be true. An old brush can’t perform as efficiently as a new toothbrush. Persistent use of a worn-out toothbrush can lead to dental problems down the road. But how do you know when it’s time to replace your brush?

Here are 5 signs that you need to replace your toothbrush:

  1. Frayed Bristles
  2. This is a telltale sign that it’s time to replace your brush. Toothbrushes and brush heads get frayed bristles from overuse. When you see that this is true for your brush, it means that it’s no longer effectively cleaning your teeth and you need a new one.

  3. Your Teeth Feel Fuzzy Even After Brushing
  4. This is a sign that daily buildup of bacteria and plaque is remaining on your teeth, even after cleaning. Your teeth should feel squeaky clean after brushing for two minutes. If not, time to get a new brush.

  5. You Were Recently Sick
  6. If you’ve recently been ill, we recommend throwing out your brush, as it has all of those germs on it. Although the likelihood is low that you’ll reinfect yourself, it’s best to get a new toothbrush just to be safe.

  7. A Bad Smell
  8. We don’t recommend putting anything in your mouth that smells unpleasant, including a foul-smelling toothbrush! A smelly toothbrush could indicate mold or bacterial growth.

  9. You Can’t Remember When You Last Replaced It
  10. We recommend replacing your toothbrush every 2-3 months, or as you notice wear and tear. But if you can’t recall when you last bought a brush or replaced your brush head, it’s time to change it out!

Consult with Our Friendly Team!

If any of these apply to your toothbrush, it’s time to add a new one to your shopping list! If you have trouble deciding which type is right for you, our team would be happy to advise at your next checkup. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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