How to Strengthen Enamel Naturally

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Bones and teeth may seem similar since they’re both made of calcium and phosphorous, but while bones have collagen, teeth are mostly made of a calcified tissue called dentin. Dentin actually helps to make teeth the hardest part of the human body, and this dentin is then covered in enamel, the surface that we brush. While bones can grow and repair themselves, enamel can’t grow back so it’s important to keep it strong to maintain a healthy smile.

About Enamel

Tooth’s enamel protects your teeth from decay. Tooth enamel can’t regenerate and is worn away by general wear and tear, including the foods and drinks we consume and some health conditions like acid reflux. Some signs of enamel erosion include:

  • Sensitivity – Think of tooth enamel as an insulator, which protects the nerves and dentin of the tooth from extreme hot/cold and sugar.
  • Discoloration – Once the enamel erodes, dentin becomes exposed and teeth may appear yellow.
  • Chips and cracks – Your teeth are more vulnerable to surface damage like cracks and chips when the enamel has eroded.

Tips for Strengthening Enamel

Since we only get our two sets of teeth, we have a vested interest in keeping our teeth healthy and this usually starts with strong enamel. If your lifestyle has worn away teeth enamel, you can take steps to strengthen enamel naturally.

  1. Steer clear of food and drink that demineralizes enamel!
  2. Sweets and sodas combine with the bacteria in your mouth to form destructive acids that eat away at enamel.

  3. Get enough calcium
  4. Milk and cheese are high in calcium, which is essential to helping remineralize enamel.

  5. Eat protein-rich foods
  6. Foods like meat and tofu are rich in phosphorous, another one of the building blocks of enamel, and can help strengthen your enamel.

As with many dental conditions, the best way to keep ahead of enamel erosion is to be proactive with your dental hygiene; brush and floss daily and come visit the team at Farmington Dental & Orthodontics!

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