3 Reasons Why Adults Should Get Braces

We know, the thought of getting braces as an adult can be hard. We’re past those teenage years of awkwardness, right? But deep down you wish you could have a straighter and more attractive smile. Today, some 20% of braces-wearers are actually adults. Not only this, but braces are now more discreet than ever, with thinner, lighter materials and ceramic brackets. Modern braces are not like the bulky, obtrusive ones you may remember.


There are many great reasons why adults should get braces. From celebrities to older adults in their 60s, now is the time to rock braces at any time in your life!

1. Misaligned Teeth Can Hurt

Crooked teeth can actually lead to problems with TMJ/TMD, which is a chronic facial pain that can also cause clicking or popping in your jaw. Crooked teeth are also harder to clean, and plaque build-up may eventually lead to more tooth decay and eventually gum disease. With a straighter smile, you can more easily clean between your teeth and make sure you’re getting rid of all the plaque!

2. It’s Never Too Late To Feel Good About Your Smile

You may think that it’s too late to get braces, but there is never a time when it’s too late to feel good about your smile. Once people have straightened their crooked teeth, they feel a boost of confidence about smiling unlike before. You may surprise yourself at how much better you feel after fixing your crooked teeth.

3. Braces Are Less Noticeable Than Ever Before

As we said previously, braces are better looking than ever before. Farmington Dental & Orthodontics uses Clarity™ Ceramic Brackets that are small, translucent, and made of a super-strong ceramic material. These braces blend in with your natural teeth and are much less noticeable than traditional brackets.

Do you have any additional questions about getting braces as an adult? Call our team to schedule a consultation! You can also request your appointment online. Here’s to a more beautiful and straighter smile!

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