Why Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Dental professional examines the mouth of a woman to determine if she needs her wisdom teeth removed

It almost seems like getting your wisdom teeth removed is a coming-of-age ritual, since many patients get them removed when they’re in high school or a freshman in college. But aside from being an excuse to watch movies, nap, and eat smoothies galore, there are many practical reasons why it’s wise to get your wisdom teeth removed.

Wisdom Teeth Explained

Your wisdom teeth, or the third molars” are the last set of molars to erupt. You can have anywhere from zero to four of these late-blooming teeth grow in between 17 and 25 years of age. Located at the way far back of your top and bottom jaws, you might wonder why we even have them! Researchers theorize that our ancient ancestors had larger jaws and they utilized these teeth to chew a fibrous diet of roots, seeds, nuts, and grasses.

Why Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

While ancient humans may have benefited from these teeth, our jaws aren’t as accommodating as they once were. Due to overcrowding and their tendency to grow in crooked, it can be difficult to clean wisdom teeth as thoroughly and properly as your other teeth. As a result, wisdom teeth are often highly susceptible to decay and infection. If they grow in at an angle or become impacted, they can also cause damage to neighboring teeth and discomfort. At your routine checkups, our team will check on the progress of your wisdom teeth and determine how they might grow in when we examine your X-rays. We can recommend the best time to have them removed so you can avoid any potential oral health problems.

Recovery After Wisdom Teeth Removal

After removal of your wisdom teeth, you’ll need to get ample rest and avoid strenuous activity. To promote a smooth recovery, eat foods that are soft and nutritious, drink plenty of water, avoid tobacco products and straws, and do not vigorously rinse and spit. It is completely normal to experience pain and swelling for a week or two after your extraction, but let us know if your pain increases in intensity, the swelling gets worse, or you develop a fever.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Farmington & Fayetteville

It’s possible you could keep your wisdom teeth without any complications, but we recommend receiving an examination by Dr. Trogdon at Farmington Dental and Orthodontics to confirm. With his extensive experience and gentle touch, and our sedation dentistry options, we can provide a pain-free extraction experience. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!

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