Home Dental Fads That Are Actually Harmful

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Plenty of us are always on the hunt for DIY hacks or cheaper alternatives. There’s nothing wrong with being budget-savvy, but when it comes to your dental health, it’s important to be wary of the home remedies you find online. Some of these dental fads can actually end up causing long-term damage to your teeth and gums, either for minimal results or no results at all. Here are some you’re better off avoiding:


One of the latest trendy ingredients in beauty products is charcoal, and many people have taken to using it to whiten their teeth at home. One issue is that some people aren’t aware of which form to use. Activated charcoal (a reheated, oxidized version) is more effective, while non-activated charcoal can be toxic. The main problem is that despite any whitening effects you might see, charcoal is abrasive and has the potential to lead to enamel erosion.

Lemon Juice

Some people swear by mixing lemon juice with baking soda to brighten their teeth, but this is a fad worth skipping. Lemon juice is super acidic, which means it wear down your enamel and cause tooth sensitivity. If you’ve taken to drinking water with lemon to start your day, you should use a straw or you should drink water or use mouthwash afterwards.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Many teeth whitening products have hydrogen peroxide in their ingredients, but that doesn’t mean you should try and take a shortcut by swishing it in your mouth at home — especially undiluted. Using hydrogen peroxide regularly or incorrectly can cause damage to your gums. It’s safer to consult with your dentist about other alternatives.

Aspirin on Ache

Sure, taking an aspirin can help alleviate pain, but you should never apply it directly to your tooth or the part of your gum that is aching. Doing so can actually cause a chemical burn! Instead, simply swallow the pill so it doesn’t come into direct contact with the painful or swollen area.

If you’re dealing with a dental concern (such as discolored teeth or a toothache), your best bet is to call a professional so they can provide you with safe, effective treatment options. Contact Farmington Dental & Orthodontics today to speak to one of our team members or book a consultation at our office!

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